Saturday, 9 April 2011

Review - Neo-G Adjustable Pregnancy Support

If, like me, you are heavily pregnant (expecting twins) and have found that at times your back and bump is in need of some essential TLC, then the Neo-G Adjustable Pregnancy Support can provide just that.

This belt-come-corset fits neatly under your clothes and can be easily positioned around your lower back and under your bump.  It provides a dual-purpose support that did in fact elevate most of my back pain. 

I wore the belt during the hours I thought I would need it more; when I was at work or on the move.  But I did choose to remove in the evening when I was in a more relaxed state.

What’s particularly good about the belt is that post pregnancy it can be worn to help the body regain its shape, and that’s exactly why this product deserves a pregnancy thumbs up all round.

The Neo –G is available from Physioworld for £29.99 

By Jenny 

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