Monday, 9 May 2011

Parent Panel Review - Australian Bush Flower Essences by Planet Health

Product: Australian Bush Flower Essences - Emergency Mist & Woman Moisturiser
Price:  Mist Spray - £14.95 for 50ml & Moisturiser - £15.95 for 50ml
Available from: or click here to find a local stockist

Initial Reaction: Lovely packaging, innovative products.  Organic and ethical branding. I loved the sound of the 'emergency skin and space mist' which couldn't have arrived at a more appropriate time for me! 

The website says that the mist is:

"Excellent for any emotional upset. It has a calming effect during a crisis. If a person needs specialised medical help, this Essence will provide comfort until treatment is available. Administer this remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary, until the person feels better.
Negative Condition:
• panic
• distress
• fear
Positive Outcome:
• ability to cope"

  • Great ethical company credentials.
  • No animal testing
  • Organic, natural products, no harsh chemicals
  • Great packaging.
  • The mist spray was refreshing and calming - for times when I was hot and bothered due to the weather, or stressed and anxious due to house move, school holidays and general everyday annoyances!
  • The moisturiser was fresh and beautifully fragranced.  Smoothed on the skin nicely and absorbed quickly, but left a lingering, pleasant fragrance of the essential oils.


  • Quite pricey, but a little goes a long way.  Best for a special treat or gift for an eco friend.
  • I couldn't find a local retailer which meant I'd have to pay P&P as well.

Value for money? Excellent product and quality, but expensive for everyday use.
Overall Reaction:  Lovely products with fresh, natural fragrance.  Beautiful packaging so would make lovely gifts, but a little pricey for everyday.

By Liz

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