Friday, 6 May 2011

Parent Panel Review - Chicco Teddy Count with Me – Bilingual

Product: Chicco Teddy Count with Me – Bilingual                                             
Price: £29.99                                     
Available from: Amazon, Babies R Us, Tesco Direct                          
Suitable from:  6 months                            
Initial Reaction: I thought the bear was very cute. Lovely bright colours and soft fur.      
  • Teaches counting to 3 plus some words in English and French
  • Cheerful songs.
  • Lovely well made toy
  • Buttons easy for baby to press.
  • Very soft and cuddly.    

  • The French is very muffled, so it’s difficult to make out words.
  • Battery lasted less than a week.               

Value for money? Slightly pricy.                             
Overall Reaction:  This is a very cute and cuddly toy, and a clever idea. However, I really don’t think that the words in French are clear enough for a child to be able to repeat them. They are slightly clearer if you hold the bear up and don’t sit him down.

My baby loves playing with the toy and pressing the buttons, unfortunately we only had it for 5 days before the battery went dead.

Overall this is a lovely toy. It’s a shame that the French isn’t very clear. I would buy it as just an English speaking toy.
By Sarah 

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