Friday, 20 May 2011

TV Review - Poppy Cat on Nick Jr

Poppy Cat is the newest addiction to the Nick Jr Channel. A little girl called Lara makes up stories for Poppy Cat (voiced by Joanna Page) and sends hers on a lot of adventures with her friends. The show is based on the award winning books by Lara Jones.

BG really likes Poppy Cat, I personally find some of the characters strange but that doesn’t bother her! The episodes are 10 minutes long which is just the right length to stop children getting bored.

Each episode starts with the little girl Lara reading her new story to Poppy Cat which is really sweet. I love the way the graphics look like they have been drawn like a child (I’m not being insulting). Like they are the Child's imagination coming to life.

Poppy Cat gets the big thumbs up in our house!

You can find Poppy Cat on Nick Jr weekday mornings at 10am. 

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