Monday, 4 July 2011

Furniture Review - Paloma 3 seater sofa from Harveys

There are some items that you are asked to review that you just can’t turn down and a new sofa is one of them. When we were asked to be tester for Harveys Furniture we were over the moon mainly because our sofa was on its last legs!

We were sent a Paloma 3 Seater Sofa to test in Chocolate. As you can see its all mine, I mean it is a good size.

It is really soft and comfortable. Its looks and feel a bit like chunky cord but softer. For a 3 Seater its a really good size. Me and OH are on the larger size but we fit on there together and BG gets to snuggle in the middle.   

It’s a real family sofa, nice and snugly for watching movies but durable enough for a toddler to climb and jump all over and it not look tired and worn. BG has given it a good testing over the past few months and it has stood up to her spills.


  • Delivery drivers ring a hour before they arrive so you don’t have to hang around all day
  • Comfortable
  • Arm rests well padded
  • Back cushions zipped on so they don’t slip down
  • Cushions keep their shape really well
  • Soft
  • Withstands a toddler
  • Really good Size

  • Bottom cushions slip off quite regularly.

Value for Money?  Average

Overall Reaction: A good family sofa. Nice and comfortable but durable at the same time.
The Paloma costs £899 and comes in 4 different colours.  

 By Carol


  1. Someone looks comfy there ;)

  2. Just bought this sofa for my mum, in the mink colour. She is very pleased with it, as it is very soft fabric and comfy to sit on. She got it in the sale so was a real bargain, in fact my brother has just ordered one too. Talk about keep it in the family! Highly reccomend.


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