Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review - Zhu-Zhu Lavender Body Wrap - Microwaveable Wheat Bag

Zhu-Zhu Lavender Body Wrap - Microwaveable Wheat Bag

Price: 6.99

Suitable from: three plus

Initial Reaction: I suffer from shoulder pain, so anything that can help is a bonus and the fact that this smells of lavender is a real plus for me.

Pros: It is a really inexpensive product that I felt provided some relief from the stress and pain that I suffer from.  It is well main and the fabric is soft against the skin.

Cons: I would have liked the bag to be a little longer, so that it covered more of my shoulders.

Value for money? Suburb value for money. 

Overall Reaction: This is a superb gift, which is excellent value for money.  Not only does it smell lovely, but it really helped with my pain.  I have also used it on the children when they have banged themselves too.

By Jen 

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