Thursday, 11 August 2011

Resources for Mums – Bounty

When I was pregnant with BG I was obsessed with parenting books, magazines and websites.  I would sign up to any site I found desperate for information on my unborn child. One of my favourites was Bounty, I loved its mix of advice, forums and of course freebies! One of my favourite resources on the site is the pregnancy week by week section. I found it really useful especially in the early days before the midwife visits and scans. It was reassuring to see that what you are experiencing is normal and nothing to worry about.  

I also loved seeing the images of what my baby looked like at a certain stage and how they were developing. Of course the advice doesn’t end once the baby is born, you can also check your Childs development against their timeline. Though do remember every child develops differently.

Bounty is just for mums and mums to be. The site has advice on getting pregnant and has an ovulation calendar  to help you find the optimum time to get pregnant. It’s easy to use and best of all its free!

The site also has name meanings tool so you can check your choice of name, it’s great fun when you are in the last few weeks are your pregnancy and can’t get around much. Check the names of your friends and family members, my name means ‘Free Man’.

You can also sign up for their parenting club and receive Bounty packs full of samples, advice and vouchers. You will also get personalised emails about your baby’s development straight into your inbox.

Bounty is a must for all parents and parents to be.

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  1. An excellent resource for mums is especailly for those considering their childcare options


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