Monday, 15 August 2011

Rowse Honey at Latitude

Rowse Honey very kindly sent me to Latitude festival last month to enjoy the festival and to visit their very special House of Honey.

It was located in the family area and when we arrived had the largest queue.

Luckily a very nice man was giving out honey sandwiches.

The House of Honey took families through the Bee’s honey making journey, it started by being dressed up to be a bee. Unfortunately we didn’t take BG with us on the day but they very kindly gave us  a apron and boppers so she could be a Bee at home.

I'm flying mummy!

Next they collect the nectar.

Then they take it back to the hive to make the honey.

Families are then shown how the bee’s work and there was experts answering questions.

The last stop is to see the farmer who gives everyone a goody bag with yummy honey and a work book. The book is full of activities and stickers and a challenge to find Rowse characters in the family area, including the Queen Bee!

We had a great time at Latitude, a wet time but a good time. We really enjoyed going around the House of Honey and the children (and parents) were having a great time.

Well done Rowse. 

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