Saturday, 13 August 2011

PictureBox Review – July

We are three months into a yearlong review of PictureBox.

PictureBox  is a movie subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. There is a selection of 28 movies every month and they load a new 7 every week. Have a look at the current selection.

July was really busy for me so I didn’t get to watch as many movies as I like but I did see American Pie which is a classic comedy and just in time for a new one being released soon.

I do find it really easy to use, there is no downloading the quality is really good. 

I love the Movie Lounge which has a different theme each month. August is Back to School and they are showing 6 great family movies including Coraline and Nanny McPhee. I am looking forward to snuggling up with BG to watch, ideal when that summer sun disappears!

I still think at £4.99 a month its really good value for money.

I’m looking forward to a quieter August so we can make the most of the service.

You can find PictureBox on Facebook.

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