Friday, 12 August 2011

School Uniform Ranges

Its that time again no sooner have the children broken up for school then its time to go back or at least start thinking about it!

To make your life a little easier I have pulled together a little guide to the School Uniform Ranges available.


Tesco always have great offers on with their school uniform and this year is no different.

They have a £15 Back To School bundle which includes a coat, trousers, skirt or pinafore and 3 packs of polo shirts! That is what I call a bargain. 

If you were to buy the coats on their own they start at £15 and you get free delivery.

Tesco sell everything you need online including shoes and PE Kits and if you spend £40 you get £10 off until 4th September just enter AWC4 at the checkout. 


Their in store back to school range starts from £2. Their trousers, skirts and dresses come with a Teflon finish to protect against stains. 

They also have some great offers on Stationary at the moment. 

 A little bit disappointed you still can't buy clothing online.

Marks & Spencers 

M&S prices start from a mere £1.50 this year, trying to compete with other supermarkets. It really pays to shop around this year.

They have a rather large uniform range including the new Plus Fit range. 

I am loving the text service for name tape, its £5 for 50 labels and you just text the details.  

There is free delivery on schoolwear until 13th September just enter UNIFORMS at the checkout.  Excludes stationery, home, books, technology and all 16+ school uniforms.

George at ASDA 

With prices starting from £1.50 and a 100 day guarantee its not hard to see why George is popular for school uniforms. 

You can get a jumper, twin pack of polo shirts and a pair of trousers or a skirt for £9.

I love that you can order online and collect in store for free, save a lot of time and effort!

Uniforms are also available from John Lewis which is great if your school as a individual uniform or badge.

You can also buy online at Woolworths and Adams but they are  more expensive than the others and they are only available online. 

Where do you buy your uniforms? Who do you think has the best quality clothes?

By Carol  

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  1. I've bought mine from M&S - they had a 20% off offer at start of summer and worked out v reasonably. The quality is v good for the price but won't really pass judgement until it passes the school day and washing machine tests! Had to buy some items from school shop and felt bit ripped off as quality and fit terrible but expensive (£13 for a sweatshirt that looks like it might disintegrate at first wash and is both too big and too tight in places- how?!) I know schools need to boost income but is ripping off the parents best way?


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