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Tried & Tested New Mum and Baby Products

Estelle and Thild ergoorganic Beauty products

Price : various

Available from : Harrods

Initial reaction : when I opened the package I thought the products looked beautiful. Decorated with avocado leaves and each product a different pretty colour the bottles look great in the bathroom.
We were sent face oil, hand cream and stretchmark cream for me and body oil and body cream for the children.

Pro's: There are no nasty chemicals the products are made from natural ingredients so no concern with using them on my children.

They smell fantastic
They are great for keeping the whole families skin soft and smooth

Con's : I have to say for me the prices (between 30-60 pound a product) would be off-putting , perhaps good for a gift.

Value for money: a luxury item rather than everyday for us

Overall reaction: lovely pretty products for mom and children. They will keep us smelling and feeling good and also look lovely on my bathroom shelf.

By Ella

Quack QuacK Moo maxi gift set for girls

Price : £34.99
Available from : QuackQuackMoo
Suitable From: Birth

Initial Reaction: When the parcel arrived through my door it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with lovely red ribbons. It contained a soft purple fleece , a cow pattern bib and cow pattern burp cloth. It really was a treat to look at so would make a lovely gift for a new mom.

  • The fleece blanket has a hood so you put the hood over the babies head in the buggy and the blanket covers them , meaning the blanket doesn't fall off as often happens with loose blankets on buggies.
  • The bib comes with an attachment which can hold a dummy, you can clip this to the bib or the blanket. This means baby can have dummy with them without it dropping on the floor. I have to admit though I didn't try this as baby Sicily doesnt use a dummy.
  • Its all really beautiful stuff and is organic , eco friendly and produced in the UK.
Con's :
  • I cant really see any I loved this set !
Value for money: It might seem a little expensive however I think that for a product to be eco friendly, organic and uk produced this is the price you should expect to pay. I for one dont mind paying for quality.

Overall Reaction: I loved this set.  it brightened up my day coming through my door,the blanket has been practical in the buggy, and the dribble bib looks cute on her, fab !

By Ella

Snagabub Sheet

Price :£14.99 for one sheet

Available from:Bumpsters

Suitable from: The sheets are sized according to age, we received the birth to 6 months sheet.

Initial Reaction: I was curious to try this sheet as its something new and claims to help babies 'sleep sounder and for longer' which is good for mom and baby.

  • The sheets come sized so the sheet fits to your baby's age which ensures a really good fit.
  • The sheet has a tapered shape so its wider at the head end meaning you can tuck it in really well so baby doesn't wriggle out of the sheet during the night.
Con's :
  • you have to buy new sheets as your baby grows.
Value for money: I think this is a little expensive for one sheet.

Overall Reaction: The night I used this for the first time my baby girl started sleeping 5 hour stretches which is fantastic. I think because it keeps her nice and snug it means she doesn't startle herself awake and can sleep for longer. This is obviously great for the whole family.

By Ella

MAM self - sterilising anti colic bottles.

Price: £13.99

Available from: Amazon

Suitable from: birth

Initial Reaction: I have never used MAM bottles before , they are different shape and style to the type I have used with previous children. I had not yet given baby Sicily a bottle so used this review as a chance to express some milk and leave daddy and Sicily together to try the new bottles. The bottles work by having a small amount of water in the bottom and then you pop them in the microwave and sterlise them. 

  • Fantastic for breastfeeding moms as often you only want to use one bottle while you pop out , so being able to sterilise one in the microwave without the faff of a big steriliser or milton is very convienient.
  • Anti Colic , holes in the base of the bottle reduce the air the baby swallows which means less colic. Sicily has problems bringing up wind so its great to know im not making it worse feeding her from a bottle.
Con's :
  • none that I have come across.
Value for money : The bottles are about average price which is great given the extra features.

Overall Reaction: I think these bottles are great. I would definitely buy them to use for our baby.

By Ella

Moby SOLID. Image 738
Organic Moby Wrap

Price: £59.95
Available from:  Baby Bean

Suitable from:  Birth to 35lbs

Initial Reaction: Lovely material in a nice navy colour.

  • excellent for premature babies
  • numerous front & hip carry positions
  • distributes weight evenly, incredibly supportive, comfortable, lightweight & compact
  • high quality tested materials
  • various style/fabric options
  • machine washable
  • 100 % cotton
  • Ideal for breastfeeding
  • The wrap is very long so may not be the most convenient wrap to put back on when out and about.  It is easier to keep the wrap on and take the baby in and out of it. This does make it a little bulky.
Value for money? Yes

Overall Reaction:  I loved this wrap. It was the first wrap that I had put my young son into which felt secure. The first time I put it on him I was really excited as for the first time I could carry him with confidence but have both hands to carry on with day to day tasks.

I haven’t used the wrap very much yet as my son is very nosey and at 3 months didn’t want to be wrapped up like a baby as he likes to look around so kept pulling his arms out of the wrap and chewing the material. Once he is able to fully support his back and hold his own I will put him in one of the other positions so that he can look around.

The material is lovely and very soft. It also has a slight stretch to it so very comfortable when wearing it as it doesn’t dig in anywhere.

I would and have recommended this wrap to others.

Price: £19.99 plus p&p
Available from:

Suitable from:  0+

Initial Reaction: Great idea. A product that not only protects my son from the sun but also helps aid his sleep.

  • proven in laboratory tests to keep the interior cooler by half a degree on a hot day
  • the double layer provides the highest level of sun protection (UPF50+) and protects against 98%+ of the sun's UVA and UVB rays
  • breathable porous fabric allows air to circulate freely
  • protects from mosquitoes, other insects and cats
  • recommended by the UK’s leading baby sleep expert
Cons: None

Value for money? Yes, brilliant value for money

Overall Reaction: This product is brilliant.  I have a Graco travel system so my car seat fits in the frame of my pram. My baby boy can be a little grizzly when out and about and always wakes up when we enter a shop, we think this is down to noise. He seems to prefer general outside background noise. The Snoozeshade is great for when he has dropped off. I put the shade on and he doesn’t wake up regardless of where we are.

It’s great because he only wakes up when he’s had enough sleep and always wakes up with a smile on his face. I feel at ease using it as not only is it very simple to put on but it protects my son from the sun. There is also a zip on the front which enables me to take a little peek on my son to check he is ok without waking him. It is made of stretchy material so would fit most car seats.

I would highly recommend this to others and haven’t stopped talking about it to other mother’s. I’m hoping to purchase the one you can get for the pram.

By Vicky

The Milton Range 

Price:  From £2.13 upwards

Available from: Widely available from supermarkets

Initial Reaction:  Although life with children is hectic, there’s something so satisfying about having a clean (and germ free) home; it just feels a better place to live in.

When the Milton Range arrived I was excited at the prospect of packing off my twins for a few hours and giving these products my undivided attention, and there’s was a lot to go at – Sterilising Fluid, Sterilising Tablets, a Sterilising Unit, Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Antibacterial Surface Spray, Antibacterial Fabric Solution and Antibacterial Hand Gel.  Thankfully, the products came with some very comprehensive ‘at a glance’ information so I could quickly decipher what product was best for what.

Before testing, I had heard of Milton and knew that it had been around for many years (over 60 to be exact) but it never grabbed me as a brand.  It’s rather silly to align cleaning products with being sexy but when perusing the supermarket shelves it didn’t ever stand out.  I had always thought it looked a little too clinical without much (excuse the pun) sparkle. 

Pros:  So many products to choose from for your cleaning needs:

Sterilising Fluid and Tablets – very versatile and can be used to disinfect dishcloths, plastic food containers, wooden spoons, surfaces and floors and much more.  It’s also effective against tough bacteria.

Sterilising Unit – simply fill the container with water, pop in your bottles and teats and add a Sterilising Tablet.  15 minutes later everything is ready.  A must have for when going on holiday and a great alternative to the microwave option (if I’m honest I actually prefer the Milton Unit as I know my bottles are super clean).

Antibacterial Surface Wipes – a must-have for using around the home and clinically proven to be effective against bacteria and fungi.  Especially good for cleaning around toilets and sinks.

Antibacterial Surface Spray – having a pleasant odour, this spray is proven to kill a wide range of bacteria including those that cause food poisoning.  I wouldn’t use anything else in my kitchen now.

Antibacterial Fabric Solution – I never really considered what germs could be lurking on clothes and bed linen, especially once they have been washed, but some do live on.  This solution - that you simply pour into your machine alongside ordinary washing powder - kills bacteria and fungi even on a cool wash.

Antibacterial Hand Gel – great for when I’m out and about, it is clinically proven to disinfect hands, kill bacteria, fungi and viruses within seconds.

Cons:  I was initially put off the Sterilising Fluid because you have to measure 2.5 litres of water for every half capful…but I quickly got over it when I discovered its versatility.

Value for money? Absolutely.

Overall Reaction:  Since testing and reading about what each product does, I am a changed woman and will be investing in the full range of products for years to come.

Why?  In a nutshell, it’s because of the bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores that each product kills, so whether it’s wiping down my kitchen surfaces, sterilising bottles and other plastic toys that my twins play with or wanting to have germ free dish cloths, bed sheets and clothes, I no longer want to compromise on my cleanliness.

By Jenny

Earth Friendly Baby (Organic Lavender Bubble Bath, Organic Mandarin Bubble Bath and Organic Sunflower Massage Oil)

Price:  From £3.99

Available from:  selected supermarkets, amazon and other online retailers.

Initial Reaction:  The Earth Friendly Baby company has kept things simple with these particular products…and it works extremely well.  A plain bottle and a colourful yet rustic hand drawing (to depict bath time – for the bubble bath and Sunflowers - for the massage oil), all set on a compact white background looked fun and different.

My eye was initially drawn to the options of either the ‘relaxing’ or ‘fun time’ bubble bath, so I first of all plumped for the Relaxing Organic Lavender for my twins’ evening bath time. 

Having a slightly thicker consistency than water, you only need a drop of this bubble bath for it to go a long way.  In a matter of minutes the bath was full of delicious bubbles and my bathroom had such a wonderful, natural aroma that I almost felt as if I was in the countryside on a wonderfully hot day with a light breeze of lavender in the air, making the entire bathing experience not only a pleasure for my boys but for me too!

The ‘fun time’ Organic Mandarin packed a slightly more pungent punch that was great for morning bath times, and yet again helped me have a wonderful experience as my sense of smell was thoroughly spoilt!

The Organic Sunflower Massage Oil is a dream (especially when used after the Bubble Bath) as it prolongs the whole bathing experience and you are hit with yet more wonderful aromas that help your little one smell irresistible.

Pros:  For me, the wonderful aromas and the fact that the ingredients are certified organic make these products a winner.

Cons:  Slightly out of my price range but for special occasions…why not.

Value for money? If you have the disposable income to spend on bubble bath then definitely buy it, if not perhaps treat yourself (or your little one) once in a while.

Overall Reaction:  I loved the products but wish they were a little more affordable. 

By Jenny

Funky Giraffe Bibs

Price: 4 for £8.50 or 10 for £19.50
Suitable from: Birth

Initial Reaction : When these bibs arrived I thought they looked really funky and a great solution to our dribbley baby girl. We recieved a pink one, a penguin pattern and a pink peace sign one , all very cute.

Pro's: My baby dribbles loads , she blows bubbles , its very sweet but means her clothes end up soaked and she gets dribble rash. The bibs have fleece backing which keeps the moisture away from clothing and skin, perfect.

Most bibs would do this same job but the good thing about these are they look more like part of her outfit than a big ugly bib covering it up. They are cute and jaunty and make me think of a little funky cowgirl style.

Con's: She does have a tendency to suck on the bib as it is shorter and easy to get in her mouth.

Value for money: Thats where these bibs are great ! Most of the dribble bibs I had seen of this style in the shops were coming in at around £9 a bib , so you can see that the price of these is really good.

Overall Reaction: I really like these bibs , I think they are cute enough that id be tempted to put them on even when she's not dribbling. I will be ordering some more as my little girl soaks through at least 4 bibs a day.

By Ella

Bio Oil

Price:  From £7.99

Available from: Widely available

Initial Reaction:  Being very familiar with the product, I was delighted to receive a sample for review.  I had used Bio Oil throughout my twin pregnancy (and boy did I get through it!) and have no stretch marks as a result.  This time, I used it for the dehydrated skin on my face.

Pros:  Easy to apply and although its runny consistency looks like it could leave you looking like you have an oily face, it soaks into the skin within seconds and leaves it feeling supple and well hydrated almost immediately.  Also, a little goes a long way.

Cons:  It runs out of the bottle rather quickly so be careful

Value for money? Absolutely.

Overall Reaction:  Since pregnancy it has become a beauty product must-have for me.  It’s not only great for dehydrated and ageing skin, but I believe does genuinely help prevent stretch marks and can help with other imperfections.

By Jenny

Heavy Metal Baby Bib - BA/BY

Price: £9.99

Available from:

Suitable from: Comes in one size

Initial Reaction: A cool funky bib.


Made from 100 % pure cotton

Machine wash, tumble dry and iron on the reverse side

The black rock bib has AC/DC inspired design 'BA/BY' printed in white


As the bib was one size it meant that it was too big for my son. It would be better if you could purchase this bib in a variety of sizes then all ages could wear the bib.

Value for money? A bit expensive for a bib.

Overall Reaction: I really liked the bib and thought it was a cool and funky addition to my son's wardrobe.  As a heavy metal fan myself the design was right up my street and did look great when on.

As the bib was one size it meant that I was unable to put it on my son until recently (he is 4 ½ months old now) as it completely swamped him. I found I also had less use for this size bib as I'm breastfeeding my son which meant he didn't actually need to wear a bib. It's only recently that he has needed to  wear a bib due to dribbling.  I am looking forward to putting my son in this bib when he starts on solid food.

I thought it was good that you could put the bib in the tumble drier. This will be great in the winter as my son goes through bibs like there's no tomorrow and sometimes bibs can take a while to dry.

I would buy this as a gift for someone but as a general bib probably wouldn't buy it as it is a little expensive. On a good day my son can go through 4 or 5 bibs so they need to be cost effective and I don't think this is.

By Vicky

Boots Sensitive Oil, Bottom Balm and Moisture Lotion, Nourish Oil and nappies

Price:  From £1.45

Available from: Boots 

Suitable from: Newborn

Initial Reaction:  Was pleasantly surprised at the range of products offered by Boots for newborns (and mums-to-be in the form of the Nourish Oil).  I was familiar (and very happy) with their nappies but didn’t realise the full compliment of their range for little ones.

Pros:  All baby products were easy to apply and had a lovely thick texture, which – when I was applying to my babies’ skin - felt very protective.  The nappies effectively locked away moisture and for me, the Nourish Oil really seemed to hydrate my skin without making it feel overly greasy.

Cons:  No smell to the baby products

Value for money? Yes.

Overall Reaction:  For those looking for a no frills skincare range for their babies you can’t go far wrong with Boots.  For me, however, part of the enjoyment of bath time is massaging my babies’ skin once out of the water and smelling a wonderfully fresh and innocent aroma.   The Boots range has no fragrance at all so if you are happy to forego the smell then it is a good investment and for me, a great option for when I’m out and about.

By Jenny

 Yes To Baby Carrots Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath and Soothing Nappy Cream 

Price: Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath (350ml) £8.99 Soothing Nappy Cream (80ml) £7.99 

Available from:, Bath and Undwind, Big Green Smile

Suitable from: 0 m + 

Initial Reaction: I love Organic baby products and must admit I only use Organic products on my son. I was excited to receive these new product's and couldn't wait to try them out on my son.

Pros : Natural Cleansing Bubble Bath
  • 100 % natural
  • Free from parabens, phthalates and SLS's
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains organic melons which helps protect the skin, organic Aloe Vera which refreshes and calms and Vitamin E which adds moisture.
Soothing Nappy Cream
  • 100 % natural
  • Free from parabens, phthalates and SLS's
  • Keeps wetness locked out
  • Contains organic Aloe Vera combined with organic Pumpkin to nourish and hydrate and Zinc Oxide which provides a gentle barrier between skin and moisture.
Cons: Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath
  • Price – a little expensive for a bubble bath
Soothing Nappy Cream
  • A very thick cream which is very grainy. It was hard to put on my son quickly, which I need to be able to do as he is a fidget.
Value for money? I would pay £7.99 for an organic nappy cream. I wouldn't pay £8.99 for a bubble bath. 

Overall Reaction: I really liked the bubble bath. It had a lovely gentle smell and was very gentle on my son's skin. It was the first time we had used a bubble bath as we normally just use a combined organic shampoo and body wash. My son seemed to like the bubbles, and didn't appear bothered when they accidentally went in his eyes. The bubbles lasted for the whole time my son was in the bath (about 7 minutes). Essentially 'it does what it says on the tin'. I found the nappy cream very thick which I wasn't expecting. It was very grainy too and laid heavy on the skin. It did smell nice and left my son's skin feeling soft. I would use this if I required a heavy duty nappy cream but as my son doesn't suffer hugely with nappy rash I wouldn't require it day to day.
Naturally Cleansing Bubble Bath – 
Soothing Nappy Cream - 
    By Vicky  

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