Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Christmas Tradition: The Radio Times

This may sound like a stupid tradition but its mine and I have been doing it ever since I lived by myself 12 years ago (that makes me feel really old).  I don't generally buy TV magazines but I make an exception at Christmas. 

I got really excited today when I saw it in the supermarket and it is now hidden until I have some time to myself. 

This is what I need:

*I have to be all by myself and this takes at least an hour

*One copy of the Radio Times and it *has* to be the Radio Times. Know one is allowed to read it until I have!

*One pen, you can use any but I find a felt tip pen best

*Christmas Music 

*Hot drink, preferably a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

*Slice of cake


I then snuggle on the sofa and plan my Christmas viewing. This may happen more than once to make sure I haven't missed anything. 

The magazine may become dog eared by the time New Year is here but that doesn't matter, it can take it.

With the added bonus of having sky + I can also spend time scheduling it all in on reminders, moving things around and looking for repeats as necessary. 

Don't judge me, try yourself. I am going to try and sneak an hour to myself this week to do this. It really gets me in the Christmas spirit, I love all the Christmas specials. It also helps with crazy in me that Christmas brings out, I like to be well organised. 

What silly traditions do you have?

By Carol


  1. Haha, I did mine last night with a pink highlighter! x

  2. Ooooooh I am so so so so going to do this! Tomorrow I am taking the twins to town to a carol concert and I am so buying a copy of the Radio Times as a special treat for me x Thank you x

  3. Ha ha, me too! Today I got my copy and I already have pen and paper ready for tonight and have warned Neil we need to clear a load of stuff from the sky+ planner to make room for christmas! xx

  4. Ditto! The gruffalo competition will take at least 20minutes!

  5. got mine today! we always get new PJs for Christmas - give them to children on Xmas Eve so that when we open stockings they are wearing them :-)

  6. My Dad did this every year, when you had to buy the Radio Times and the TV Times to get ITV and Ch 4!
    I was the same up until the year we left UK, only buying the tv guide at Christmas and marking it all off, I miss that now :(

    Anything good on?

  7. Love the cover, right up my street. My parents and just about everybody I knew when growing up had the Radio Times. I don't have the patience to go through the listings but suspect its why I alway think there is "Absolutely nothing" to watch on the tv at christmas : ) xx

  8. That is a tradition I have always kept, I have always bought that for years. The only time I buy a tv magazine. x

  9. I do exactly the same. Highlighter pen, Christmas music, and make sure the OH doesn't get hold of it for burning on the wood burner.


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