Monday, 5 December 2011


Some clarity at this consumer crazy time of year in this post by Becky from Baby Budgeting 


Parents can often get themselves in a money pit pickle at Christmas. They love their kids and want them to have the BEST time and so they buy and buy and buy for them.  People want their homes to look nice, the food to be great, everyone to look good, If money is tight this can seem pretty impossible and so we go into debt figuring we have the rest of the year to sort it out. It’s not worth the stress/debt that will come,  one day of magic does not have to cost the earth. Read these 10 tips. I hope they help.
1. Wrap early and write a list of everything you have bought your child and that you know they are getting. This will reassure you they have fab pressies and DO NOT need more.
2. You haven't visited Santa? Hold onto your money and visit HERE
3. Not sent your Christmas  cards don’t buy any visit HERE
4. Need a fab table decoration but don’t want to spend money. Here's a beauty
5. Find out what’s on for free over the next few weeks, christingle, nativity plays, craft fir kids at a Christmas fayre and plan your diary. Free and much more festive than soft play!
6. Rich food just makes you and your kids hyper…don’t buy lots of chocolate and sweets. Just a few and RATION them for all your sakes
7. Forgot a pressie? Need some standbys, Don’t panic and buy something expensive, instead grab some hot chocolate packs, batch make these gorgeous choccy spoons and have them on standby.
8. Christmas is about faith, tradition , family not just STUFF so pack your home with reindeer dust , visits to those you love and some carols, storytelling and a Rudolph inspired disco. Plan these into your diary and you will look back on this Christmas and these are things you will remember not the STUFF you bought. One of my kids favourite things is to drive around in the dark and go ooooooooh at all the lights!
9. Dried sliced oranges and some cinnamon sticks make your house smell lovely just add a quick decutter too and it will look brilliant, Get  the best plates out,  Super ironing and hanging yours and the children's best clothes can make them feel pretty special too. Make the best of what you have, there is no need to shop for that feeling you can create it.
10. Breathe, relax  Christmas is for you too mum. Long baths, your music for once, everyone together. Let yourself off the hook. YOU have done a great job.
Oh and if someone invites your family for Christmas dinner...Say YES! It will save you tons of stress (effort, energy and money!)

Have a good one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Great post, it's such a shame that so many people get so stressed and worried over Christmas when it's the little (cheap) things that make it special anyway.


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