Friday, 16 December 2011

Control Your Finances With MoneyVista

Times are tough for many people right now and it’s hard to keep an eye on outgoings and your personal finances.  Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a time when spending can get a little out of hand, the New Year can be a scary time if you don’t do any financial planning.

MoneyVista is a comprehensive online financial planning tool that will help consumers create, manage and maintain a personal financial plan.  Customers enter information covering their income, outgoings, protection, savings, investments, retirement and property. MoneyVista uses this information to create a financial plan that is easy to see, maintain and use.

MoneyVista aims to help the 11 million UK consumers who do not have a relationship with a financial advisor and do their own financial planning.

It enables customers to:
·         see their current financial position and their projected financial future.
·         set and monitor goals.
·         understand the long-term impact of financial decisions.

MoneyVista lets consumers see all their personal finances, and how they interrelate, in one simple plan.  It can revalue investments, stocks and shares held, and it will alert consumers if there is a change that will impact their financial plan.

The service helps consumers to put financial decisions into a wider, long-term context.  For example, consumers can use MoneyVista to plan for their retirement. They can see the financial effect of starting their retirement earlier or later, the impact of saving more now, and whether their property really could be their pension.
MoneyVista always shows consumers the current and future impact of any actions they are considering, helping them to make more informed decisions.

Martin Peterlechner, Head of Marketing at MoneyVista comments, “MoneyVista is a unique service for the 11 million financially active UK consumers who manage their own financial affairs. It aims to give these consumers a simple, safe and secure way to create, maintain and use a financial plan.”

“For many of us, seeing our financial future can be a tough reality to face.  However, by bringing your financial plan to life, and helping you to understand your options, MoneyVista can help consumers to develop and monitor a realistic plan to achieve their financial goals.”

MoneyVista does not sell any financial services products; customer’s data will not be passed on to other financial services firms; and there is no advertising on the website.

MoneyVista is part of the Royal London Group commitment, as the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company, to help develop consumer financial understanding.

MoneyVista is free to everyone for 30 days.  After this, subscription costs £8 a month, £20 a quarter, or £75 per annum.

Customers will only be asked for their card details when they decide to subscribe, not when they first try out the service

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