Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas with Picturebox

PictureBox  is a movie subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. There is a selection of 28 movies every month and they load a new 7 every week.

It’s really simple to use, once you sign up you just click on the film you want to watch and it’s ready to. No downloading or fiddling around.

We have been reviewing the service since May and we love it.

November was a great month on Picturebox full of old classics and family fun for BG.
I watched Weird Science which if you haven’t seen is a great 80’s movie with an awesome soundtrack to go with it. Two teenage boys create their perfect woman using their computer and she comes to life. It is hilarious and not to be missed.

While in my 80’s mood I also watch Back to the Future with the lovely Michael J Fox, its a great Sunday afternoon film.

BG got incredibly excited when I told her there was a Curious George Christmas movie. It is one of her favourite shows at the moment and she already has two of the films on DVD. The Christmas one is based more on the series which I like as she knew most of the characters. It’s lovely story showing the run up to Christmas and the Christmas preparations and we have watched it 5 times already!!

Along with the 28 movies there is a movie lounge that has a different theme each month and it’s currently Christmas films. There is a good mix in there with films like The Borrowers, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and Stealing Christmas.

At £4.99 a month it’s a real bargain.  

You can find PictureBox on Facebook and Twitter

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