Friday, 27 January 2012

Picture Box – January

If you haven’t signed up to Picture Box already then you really missed out this month.  The Move Lounge was packed full of Director’s Cut films such as The Birds, Taking Woodstock and one of my favourite films National Lampoons Animal House. If you haven’t seen that yet join and watch it now!!

If that wasn’t enough like always there are 28 films to watch which is updated every week.  We have been watching Dream Girls with the amazing Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, Cry Baby with the delectable Jonny Deep and for BG Thomas and the Magic Rail Road.

PictureBox  is a movie subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. 

It’s really simple to use, once you sign up you just click on the film you want to watch and it’s ready to. No downloading or fiddling around.

I know times are tough but at a mere £4.99 a month it’s a real bargain.

I can’t wait to find out what February’s movie lounge is!

You can find PictureBox on Facebook and Twitter

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