Sunday, 8 January 2012

What Is Your Favourite Fancy Dress Costume?

I used to love to dress up in fancy dress and hit the town. I had a decent collection of costumes; me and my friends didn’t really need an excuse to dress up. We’ve been devils, witches, school girls, fairies, police women you name it we’ve probably dressed up in it. I feel a bit too old to be dressing up now so it’s all about Children’s fancy dress for me now!

BG has followed in my footsteps and loves to dress up. She has some great outfits which include a pumpkin, a sheep, Tinkerbelle which I got for her birthday and some lovely Egyptian dresses my aunt bought back from het holidays. They are actually my favourite and they remind me of the silk Chinese dresses she used to send back from Hong Kong when she lived there.

What I really love when BG dressed up is the imagination she has and the games she plays. She doesn’t even need a full costume she quite happy to wear my shoes or daddy’s jumper and role play being us. It’s amazing to see her play and have so much fun. Her favourite game to play is nurses and she has a medical kit and she looks after me and Daddy (great game when you want a lie down).

I want to know what you or your child’s favourite costume is. Does your little one love their superhero costumes or do you have a fairy princess at home?  

Do you love a good fancy dress party?


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  1. I'm a spoil sport. I absolutely hate fancy dress. Just makes me feel like an idiot but I don't mind it on children ;)


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