Thursday, 23 February 2012

Be Prepared Before Baby Arrives

One thing you are never quite prepared for when becoming a parent is the sudden arrival of so much baby stuff in your life. Your lovely little bundle of joy brings with them an awful lot of extra baggage, and you will wonder where on earth you are going to put it all.

If you are organised, you will have the baby nursery and all the necessary, must-have items lined up well in advance of the due date. However, if you are disorganised like me, it may take time to assemble all the things you need. If it is your first baby, you are totally entitled to feel utterly clueless and at a loss as to the ideal set of accoutrements and accessories a new baby requires.

This is where retailers such as Vertbaudet come in very handy. Known chiefly as suppliers of quality clothing for babies, children and expectant mothers, Vertbaudet also stock an impressive range of baby nursery items. A visit to Vertbaudet should be high on the list of those expectant mothers who have that nagging feeling they may have overlooked something important.

Don't worry. If you have forgotten a baby nursery item, chances are you'll find it at Vertbaudet.

One of the first things you notice about new babies is how hungry they get. They constantly demand food, at home, on the move, or wherever you are. Plan for their dietary requirements or expect trouble. Vertbaudet can help out in this area as they sell a vast array of baby feeding accessories. From bright and colourful plates and spoons to bottles, bibs, sterilisers and high chairs, you will find everything you need related to feeding the little darling, at home and on the move.

And when the little one is ready for a nap, have you remembered all you need for the baby nursery to ensure a good night's sleep? Is singing a lullaby really enough to send your little one into a deep slumber? To help create a tranquil and comfortable environment there are really pretty cot bumpers, sleep bags, mobiles, nightlights, dummies and pacifiers available online or can be ordered via the Vertbaudet catalogue.

After a restorative sleep, baby will be wide awake and ready for action. Activity mats offering a variety of stimulating tasks and diversions are a useful way of entertaining your baby. Small babies will sit happily for ages in a bouncy chair or watching an intriguing mobile move in the air. Vertbaudet has a range of interesting activity toys for curious babies.

Finally, after all that hard work playing, baby is ready for a splash in the bath. Fun bath toys and accessories make bath time a really memorable highlight of the day for both parent and child. Other Vertbaudet products such as jolly towel sets, changing mats, potties and baby grooming kits all help contribute to a smooth-running and trouble-free changing and bath time.

So take my advice, get prepared before your baby arrives. Make lists of what you need to get and work your way through it slowly and methodically. Because I can guarantee you one thing, shopping is a whole lot easier before baby arrives.
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  1. I've been looking for something to store all the kiddies bath toys in, this looks fab


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