Saturday, 17 March 2012

Children’s Shoe Review - Hello Kitty Crocs Boots

Crocs is 10 years old this year can you believe it? They don’t just make sandals anymore oh no they have lovely winter collection as well. I know it’s nearly spring but as I am typing this its pouring rain!

Every child needs a pair of wellies in their shoe collection and these ones from crocs are fantastic.

They are full moulded, lightweight rain boots and cute at that.

BG was very excited when she saw them and they were 1) Hello Kitty 2) Pink 3) Rain boots which means puddle jumping!

What we like about them:

  • Really lightweight its actually crazy how light they are. This means BG can run around in them much easier than normally wellies. This is very important for jumping in puddles.
  • Easy to pull on, they have little fingers holes in the top to help
  • Comfortable to wear. They fit really well and don’t slip off like other boots
  • They are order resistant, yay no smelly feet

What we didn’t like:

  • The price, at £29.99 they are quite expensive for a pair of rain boots. Though she will get a lot of wear of them.

They are BG’s choice of boot at the moment and have withstood a lot of scraps and puddle jumping.

They get the thumbs up from us.

You can purchase the Hello Kitty rain boots from the Crocs online shop. 

They also come in Red and if your child is not a Hello Kitty friend you can a non-character version called  Crocbands Jaunt which comes in 5 different colours. 

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