Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dinosaur Train on Nick Jr

On Monday a new show started on Nick Jr called Dinosaur Train and BG is already a big fan. It’s been advertised for weeks and all I kept hearing was “is it on now mummy” so I was very happy when I was offered a chance to preview the show.

The show stars Buddy, a curious, funny and intelligent T-Rex, in a family of Pteranodons, who is cautious, but always ready to jump into action and start asking questions about the world around him.

In each episode they take a trip on the Dinosaur to learn about other dinosaurs and Buddy tries to find what type of Dinosaur he is.  Each show has 2 episodes.

BG really likes this show, it’s bright and fun. It has a far too catchy them tune and is educational.  If you are bored with your child’s current choice of TV programmes give this one a go.

It’s on 4pm everyday on Nick Jr.

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