Monday, 12 March 2012

How To Celebrate a Birth

Celebrating a birth is wonderful. Traditionally along come endless visitors with balloons and babygrows. We celebrate a child’s birth too by baptisms and naming days and many other cultural and religous  ceremonies. There are many ways we say hello and happy birth day to a child. Here are one or two less usual but lovely ways to welcome in a new life.
On the day the child is born you could plant an apple seed to mark the occasion and have the tree grow with the child. This costs about 25p!
Photo credit: Artotem
Maybe you could name a star in their hoonour (who knows by the time they’re 21 they may be able to visit it!) This costs about £10
Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box
Perhaps you could fill a time capsule to honour the child’s birth, including a paper, a stamp and a coin from the day they were born, a family photo perhaps and their hospital ID band. You could include a letter of how you felt the day they were born. Instructions could be sealed till they come of age detailingwhere to find this time capsule…what a treasure. This costs £152)
(You could also use an airtight container and not bury it just leave it in a trunk in the attic, if you want the budget option.)
What other ideas do you have?

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