Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Dance Trends for 2012

MOVE IT, the UK's biggest dance event reveal the brand new dance trends which will be the next in big thing in dance and fitness for 2012.


Signposting the return of the quintessential gentleman’s style of dance. Hollywood movies starring Fred Astaire inspired men all over the world to dress sharp and move smooth, but in recent years tap dance became more synonomous with workmens boots, dirty jeans and bin lids (think STOMP!). In 2012 Tap is back and it has had a suave new makeover. So You Think You Can Dance winner MATT FLINT re-invents the style for contemporary gents through charismatic moves, fine tailoring and a dapper sense of style not only in dress but in dance techniques and movements.

Gentlemen's Tap Dance Trend 2012 from MOVE IT 2012 on Vimeo.


Inspired and influenced by epic gothic movies like the Underworld series , gothic hip hop takes cutting edge Hip Hop and streetdance moves and gives them a dark and dramatic twist, creating a unique and ground breaking style for 2012. Beware what lurks in the darkness…


You think you know what Bellydance is all about? Think again. 2012 sees the style evolving and embracing the glamour, giltz and the soundtrack of Bollywood movies. The moves are fast paced and feature Bollywood’s trademark expressive hands and undulating hips. Whilst the Indian twist gives the style a fresh edge, all the classic Bellydance benefits are up for grabs; a flatter tummy, toned arms and a chance to express your sensual side.

Log on to to learn how to perfect these amazing new styles through a series of MOVE IT Dance Trends Masterclass video tutorials.

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