Monday, 16 April 2012

Children’s Theatre Review: My First Sleeping Beauty

On Easter Sunday we attended a performance of My First Sleeping Beauty by the ENB2 at the Peacock Theatre.  The ballet has been specially choreographed for children and is done brilliantly.

The ENB2 use graduating dancers from the English National Ballet School and is a new touring company. The aim of My First is to introduce children to ballet at an early age but in a way they can understand.

The show is narrated so they children know what is going on and they are encouraged to interact with the narrator. It’s a really lovely show with stunning costumes, brilliant stage design and well-choreographed ballet.

Was it perfect? No there were a few slips and a hilarious bit when the princes are taking Sleeping Beauty to her bed and she gets caught in the curtain, but stage awareness comes with experiences and these dancers are just starting their careers.

The show is 1 hour and 25 minutes long including a 20 minute interval and that is a perfect length for children. BG got a little bored towards the end as there were one too many solos for her liking. I am really looking forward to the next My First…

My one negative on the day was the merchandise I really thought with being the ballet thee would be much. They have some lovely tutus and t-shirts but the flashy, furry pink light wands were really annoying.

Do take your children along they will love it and they can get dressed up.

It is now touring the country and its next stop is Birmingham Alexandra Theatre 21 Apr 2012 - 22 Apr 2012. You can get full details of the tour here.

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