Saturday, 14 April 2012

Warner Brother DVD Reviews – Easter Bundle

Warner Brothers sent us a selection of films to watch over the Easter break along with some yummy mini eggs.

This is what we watched:

The Easter Bunny is ill and needs someone to take over. Granny tries to get Bugs Bunny but he is too busy filming.  This feature length cartoon is full of your favourite clips from Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and tweety.

It is very funny and well worth the money.

This is one of my favourite movies I know all the songs and was excited to introduce it to BG. At 3 years old she just wasn’t interested in it so I will save it to she is a bit older. I can watch this over and over again; it’s a great family movie.

Gene Wilder is brilliant as Willy Wonka.

I really want to like this film but it doesn’t have enough singing for me! If Willy Wonka hadn’t been made first I think I would really like this but I really hate remakes.
understand that this is a truer to the original story and of course its directed by Tim Burton so it was always going to be dark.

BG found the front cover a bit scary and hid it so we couldn’t watch it!

Yogi Bear £4.99

This is an enjoyable family movie as like most the plot is a little weak but doesn’t stop it from being good.  Yogi Bear and Ranger Smith work together to save Jellystone Park. I loved Yogi Bear as a child and would prefer it be a cartoon but I’m getting old and grumpy.

A nice Sunday afternoon film.

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