Friday, 13 April 2012

Universal DVD Reviews – Everything’s Rosie, Rastamouse, Driver Dan’s Story Train and the Jungle Book

This Easter we have been kept busy with lots of DVD’s to review which is great thing considering how bad the weather has been!

The lovely people at Universal sent us Everything’s Rosie, Rastamouse, Driver Dan’s Story Train and the Jungle Book and this is what we thought.

Everything’s Rosie - The Greatest Show in the Garden

We do like Everything’s Rosie in this house, it’s a really happy show which is shown on Cbeebies (actually these are all cbeebies)

Rosie and her friend Raggles  have lots of fun and learn along life lessons along the way. This DVD contains 13 episodes and lasts over 2 hours.  Its available from Amazon for £6.97 that’s a bargain!

Rastamouse - Hot, Hot, Hot!

I know Rastamouse started some fierce discussions in the parenting world when it first aired. BG and I saw a screening of it before it was on TV and really enjoyed and it will still do now. It’s a fun, colourful show and like all Cbeebies programmes teaches your child.

The DVD has live footage from Lollibop and Glastobury and activities you can print out. It contains 8 episodes and can be bought from Amazon for £4.99.

Jungle Book

This was our least favourite DVD out of them all. I think it’s because we are so used to the Disney version.

It’s a CGI animation series following the adventures of Mowgli and his jungle friends. It didn’t keep BG’s attention I’m afraid but it would possible suit an older child.

The DVD contains 8 episodes and is available from Amazon for £6.99

Driver Dan’s Story Train: Bouncing Bunnies

We love a bit of Driver Dan at bed time, we watch it before our bedtime routine.  It’s a great show for getting your child to calm down listen.

Driver Dan tells great stories and there is always a journey before story time.

The DVD contains 13 episodes including two never seen ones. It is available from Amazon for £6.99

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