Wednesday, 30 May 2012

£5 off Your First Months Reading Chest Subscription

With so much going on during the summer holidays, it’s not surprising that reading is often forgotten until the beginning of the autumn term.  But did you know that just six weeks without regular reading practice can see some children slip back a couple of reading levels by the time they return to school in September?  

This summer, encourage your kids to keep up their reading with, the UK’s first through-the-post book rental service for children aged 4-9 years old.  Monthly membership starts at £9.95 and gives children access to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles from all the popular reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree and Collins Big Cat.  Even the most reluctant little reader is incentivised by opening his or her own regular postal delivery of books and the scheme is ideal for busy parents who don’t have time to make regular trips to the local library.  

I have a £5 discount code off your first month subscription, just enter NEWMUMMY at the checkout.

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