Thursday, 31 May 2012

How To Have a Jubilee Party on Budget

The Diamond Jubilee is only a few days away and you may be planning a party. By now you will probably realise that if you're not careful it can be very expensive.

Here are some tips on how to keep the cost low.

Food & Drinks

  • Make your party food from scratch. Pre-packed food can cost quite a bit of money so make it yourself.
  • Get you guests involved in the food, ask them all to bring something to add to the table.
  • Buy supermarket branded drinks they are cheaper and taste just as nice.
  • Make a big bowl of punch and make your drink go further
  • Ask guests to bring a bottle

Tableware & Decorations

  • Don't discount the discounters! Checkout Poundworld, Poundland and Aldi for cheap decorations and tableware 
Tableware from Aldi, Bunting for Poundland

  • Make your own bunting:
The Woodland Trust have some great printable bunting, including blank ones you can decorate yourself. Great way to keep the children busy.

Or you could try your hand at this No-Sew Bunting


  • Make a playlist on your computer, ensure its got plenty of party tunes and enjoy the day! I use Spotify but there are plenty out there to use
  • If the children need entertaining give them some fairycakes to ice, they double as dessert! 
  • Face painting is a great way to entertain the children Snazaroo have some great sets including these Paint Sticks £2.99. They also have how to guides on their site.

Party Clothes

These can be an added expensive so why not vamp up clothes you already have but adding accessories:

  • I love this ribbon from Jane Means, you it your or your child's hair. Or tie around a plain dress. 

  • Next have a lovely Jubilee selection from Scarf's to Hats. 

I hope this have given you some ideas on how to have a great party on a small budget.

Have a great Jubilee Weekend.

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