Friday, 11 May 2012

Being Future Friendly

P&G have launched the Future Friendly awards for 2012 to search for communities and individuals committed to making a difference by promoting sustainable living through their actions.

This year our Future Friendly partners will be selecting two individuals, our big hero and little hero who will be awarded a £1,000 prize each. Three groups will also be selected to compete for a £10,000 bursary; the two runners up will receive £500 each.

Closing date for entries is 21st May 2012 for full details visit

I was asked by P&G is I would take part in a 5 day Future Friendly challenge and well I do like a challenge!

Being future friendly is all about little actions that can make a big difference like using a watering can instead of a hose pipe and save water.

I have been sent a hamper of products to try out and a list of actions to do. I have to choose at least 3 actions each day and try them for them for 3 days across a 5 day period!

I will be reporting back next week on how we do as a family and whether we are future friendly!

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