Friday, 25 May 2012

Food Review - La Tasca Kids Menu

La Tasca Kids Menu

Price:  £5.95    
Available from         

Initial Reaction: The staff were welcoming and friendly and were helpful and patient

We sat in the window and had plenty of room for the 3 of us, pushchair and highchair
Great choice of menu for all the family

No baby change facilities ( we were offered to use a space at the back back of the restaurant)  

Overall Reaction:              

We were lucky enough to be invited to try the new kids menu at La Tasca. It is a fixed price of £5.95 which includes 3 mini tapas dishes, a desert and a drink. Added to this you can make the visit that extra bit fun for the little ones - by either downloading  or picking one up when you visit, and then each time you visit get your waiter to stamp the passport to collect rewards.

I think that the concept of 3 mini dishes for each child to offer them a range of flavours and textures is a great idea, and also means that if you have more than one child you can order an even larger selection of dishes from the range of 13 that are on the menu

Jack is 13 months and always willing to try new foods and chose the Paella of the Day, Omelette, Manchego Cheese Croquettes, followed with a fruit salad.  We ordered from the £5.95 set lunch menu, choosing 2 tapas dishes each and then a Baby lead green salad and a Rustic ciabatta with tomato.




This meant excluding drinks we all ate a 2 course lunch for a few pence over £25 which although isn’t a cheap lunch out, the quality of the food certainly made up for it and looking at the menu of over 30 dishes wont be the last time we visit.

After ordering we had a great time with some colouring and the menu features a range of activies for all ages including teach your self Spanish! 

Once the food arrived we all got stuck in, and although tentative at first Jack was soon elbow deep in tapas and managed to get through almost all of the 3 dishes (with a little help from Daddy). The  food was amazing and surprisingly filling, and even after the 3 dishes each we were all nicely filled.

Overall we had a great time at La Tasca and didn’t feel rushed once (we were there almost 2 hours!) and although I felt that the fact there are no baby change facilites let the restaurant down, the food and service made up for it and will definetly be going back in the near future.

 By Vicky, Howard & Jack

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