Friday, 18 May 2012

The Future Friendly Challenge

Last week I told you about the Future Friendly Awards and the challenge I was set by P&G to be Future Friendly for 5 days.

I was sent a hamper of products and 20 everyday little acts to do, I had to choose 3 each day for 5 days. Now I kinda cheated I only did 2 a day, the reason for this is that some of things we could do or were already doing for example:

10. You Can Use a Watering Can

We already do that and we go one step further as we have a water but and collect rain water (when it rains) to water our garden

12. Snub the Tub

We only have a bath not a shower so we couldn’t swap that.

I was sent a tap aerator which can help reduce water consumption but it won’t fit on our taps. We were also sent a Hippo which goes in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water you use when you flush the toilet; we have a small cistern so it won’t fit. However I have passed them on to people that can use them, so I don’t feel like I really cheated.

This is how we got on with the challenges

Day 1

Wishy – Washy Machines – Wait for a full load before putting your washing machine on and wash at 30oc.
I was sent some Ariel liquid to wash our clothes with. I normally wash at 40oc so I dropped it down to 30oc and they the clothes came out just as clean as they would at 40oc so I shall be doing that from now one. We always have a enough clothes for a full load so that wasn’t a problem

Hang Out The Washing
I do love to put my washing on the line, but sometimes I look at the weather and decide not to risk it. I took the risk this week and only had to rush out once to get it on from the rain and finish in the dryer. I shall be taking the risk more often and we can do a lot of washing and the dryer can cost a fortune.

Day 2

Make Tea the Eco Way – Only as much water as you need
I never fill the kettle right up but I do sometimes add more than I need for one cup. I have been making an effort to only fill it up with what I need which is just above the min level line for me. I use a jug to fill the kettle up and on the times that I fill it up too much instead of pouring into the kettle I have been using it to top up the water jug in the fridge.

Quick as a Flash – Try and find 10 minutes to finally do that bit of cleaning. Use Flash clean & shine and use cooler water. This could save up to 50% energy

I have been doing 10 minutes here and there and it has really helped to keep up with the cleaning.  Flash still works well at the lower temp and cuts through the dirt.

Day 3

Get Cozy -  Close curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows and check for draughts.

We have been shutting the curtains early and really makes a difference in the temperature of the room. Also BG thinks it bed time!

Do Lunch – Cut down on single use food wraps and use re-useable wraps and lunch boxes.

BG takes a pack lunch to pre-school, I am really good with using pots for her fruits and snacks but I often use Clingfilm for her wraps. I was sent a Food Kozy to use and it worked really well and I am going to get some more for us to use at home.

Day 4

Look out For Less Packaging – Look for products with less packaging and if possible packing that can be recycled

I try my best to buy products with less packing or buy loose produce were I can.  I have made an effort to look for packing that can be recycled which is not something I have really done before.

Wash Up With Less Water – Fill the sink with less water and small amount of fairy liquid

I have to say I am terrible and filling the washing bowl right up, sometimes it even overfills. So I have been filling it half way and then putting the dishes into wash. So now I use half the amount of water and my dishes are still clean.

Day 5

Revamp Your Wardrobe – Go through everyone’s wardrobe and sort out clothes you don’t wear anymore. Take to charity shop, recycle or give to family/friends.
We have had a good sort out and my clothes have gone to charity and BG’s have been bagged up ready to pass on to friends.

Borrow Books from the Local Library

We do love our local library but hadn’t been for a little while so we took a stroll and got some new books out. It’s a really nice way to spend an hour or so.  I have a kindle so find I buy less ‘real’ books now but some books are still expensive to buy. There is one I have had my eye on for a while and was going to buy the paperback but I got it out from the library instead.

We have really enjoyed our future friendly week and shall be carrying on with the everyday little acts and looking for new ones. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Don’t forget you can still enter the Future Friendly Awards until 21st May

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