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Review: Lansinoh mOmma Cups

Product: Lansinoh
  1. mOmma cup with straw
  2. mOmma Non Spill Cup
  1. mOmma cup with straw £6.49 (This varies by quite a lot on amazon)
  2. mOmma Non Spill Cup  £6.49 (This varies by quite a lot on amazon)
Available from:

Suitable from:  6mth plus

Score out of 5:
  1. mOmma cup with straw 4/5
  2. mOmma Non Spill Cup  5/5
Initial Reaction: I initially thought they were very attractive cups but looked like they might be difficult for my son to hold and to drink from. I was pleasantly surprised.

Pros to both cups:
* Round ergonomic shape The round shapes have been specially designed to make the grip easier for your baby’s tiny hands.

 *Safe and hygienic The bottle rocks happily but it always remains upright. The point of suction never comes into contact with the surface of tables or highchairs, thus ensuring maximum hygiene.

*Rocking The rocking movement is one of babies’ favourite games.
It entertains them during mealtime and stimulates their reactivity and concentration.

* The dual grip facilitates baby’s grip and helps him to move on to a single handle. The single grip helps baby to naturally move on to normal cups and glasses.

Pros to cup with straw

*Non-spill The straw only delivers the liquid when the baby sucks.

*In&out straw system The straw goes into and out of the cup by simply turning the cover. This modern closing system ensures maximum hygiene even when you carry the cup around.

Props to non spill cup
* Latest technology non-spill system The modern non-spill system, made of semi-rigid material, encourages baby to move on from soft teats to rigid cups. The non-spill system delivers the liquid only when the baby sucks.

* Protective cover The cover thoroughy seals the non-spill mouth, thus ensuring maximum hygiene even  when you carry it around.

Cons: None

Value for money? Yes.

Overall Reaction:

When the cups arrived in the post I with anticipation filled the momma cup with straw with water and handed it to my son.  I thought he may struggle to use it as he was (at the time) still being breast feed so wasn’t drinking hugely by himself from a cup. My son loved that the cup rolled all over the place and that he could play with it. This encouraged my son to pick the cup up and attempt to drink with it. I was really surprised that he managed to suck through the straw the first time he used it and has been using it ever since. 

My favourite of the two cups and the one that my son uses the most is the mOmma non spill cup. The teat (if this is the right word for it) is a combination of a teat and a cup mouth teat and is brilliant. It is made of a silicon material and is great if you are trying to gradually wean your child from a teat onto a cup. For me it allowed me to encourage my son to start drinking milk from a cup whilst weaning from breast milk. I didn’t want to digress by feeding my son from a bottle but I also knew that maybe jumping straight to a normal beaker would mean that my son could possibly miss out on the comfort that he got from breast feeding. I can honestly say that the cup allowed my son to make the natural progression onto milk from a cup whilst skipping using a bottle. 

My son is now over a year old and has his milk from the non spill cup most days. It also helps him differentiate milk from water.

I love these products, even the bright quirky colours and would highly recommend both of these products to others.

By Vicky

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