Thursday, 14 June 2012

Guest Post - Spark The Imagination of Your Young Novelist with Rory's Story Cubes

Claire Smyth has the most amazing blog, if you never read The World of Kitsch go over there now (or once you have read this post). It is a collection of the most brilliant kooky finds and I can browse it for hours. 

Today she sharing one of her finds with us.

On The World of Kitsch I like to support local ventures, and local to me is Northern Ireland. Rory's Story Cubes is an NI born idea that has gone worldwide. A simple premise, cleverly packaged & something your children will want to get their hands on instead of another online game (although there is a Story Cubes iPhone app!)

A neat little box containing nine cubes, with nine imagination sparking doodles, ready to roll. Then it's up to you. Take it in turns to form a story from the 54 pictures, truly a game for all ages and wonderful for encouraging story writing in school age children.
I got my hands on the new 'Voyages' set, and my four year old loves them. He's even used them as little building blocks. Will be in my handbag from now on for keeping him busy in restaurants or on long journeys.
Grab a set at for £9.99 Or search 'Story Cubes' on the iPhone App Store to get going straight away.

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  1. such a cute idea! Tempted to get these for myself...


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