Monday, 18 June 2012

Guest Post - 3 Top Tips to Reduce the Stress of Organising a Child’s Birthday Party

Becky is back with some great party tips.

Here are my top 3 tips for reducing the stress of organising a child’s birthday party.

1. Have someone else invloved or grandma or a good friend will be useful for bouncing ideas off, helping practically and covering in emergencies. If  no-one but you has any clue what is happening you could end up in a pickle. I gave birth 3 weeks early the day before my son’s third birthday because grandama had been fully involved it still went ahead and she knew what was what.

 2. Remember a cake lasts for mere minutes, often doesn’t get eaten and it’s the excitement of blowing out the candles that it is really all about. If you can’t afford to buy a posh one and are  not much of a baker ask a friend to do it as their gift. Don’t worry yourself silly trying to bake  when it’s not your ‘thing.

3. Don’t worry that your child will be disappointed because you couldnt get princess cups to match a table cloth, or  because their friend Izzy is poorly or because Micky the magician has lost his voice, thats just life.They will have friends, pressies, food and fun and so their party will be just fab!
Have fun and remember it’s often how we feel that affects our children the most so try and be relaxed. positive , excited and cheerful! It’ll be over in 2 hours!


  1. great advice for planning a party for toddlers!

  2. Good advice! It's a short amount of time, but can be a large amount of stress.


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