Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sun Protection from Boots.

I am overly cautious when it comes to sun protection for me and BG. We are really fair and in the past two years both my nan and BG’s nan have has skin cancer.  I would rather look like a ghost then risk my life for a tan.

We always wear factor 50 and I also ensure that the sunscreen has a 5 Star UVA rating. We often buy the Soltan range from Boots as I find it works really well and ticks all the boxes for sun protection.

Boots sent me a selection of the Soltan range to test out and now we have finally had some sun we have tried it out.

This is what we tried:

New Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash Off Instant Bronzing Lotion, a moisturising bronzing lotion to enhance skin tone and cover imperfections, leaving you with a perfect rich, deep tan instantly. Available in either light/medium or medium/dark. £3.99, was £5.99.

I don’t have much luck with self-tan and to be honest O didn’t do much better with this.  I didn’t use a self-tan mitt which I don’t think helped and I had just shaved my legs . I just couldn’t get the tan even but on the plus side it did wash off I have been known to have patchy skin for weeks.

Just one application of this facial suncream will give 8 hours protection, with a water resistance and ultra UV-ageing defence formula.  £10.99.

I actually use this already and highly recommend it. It goes on lovely and is not too thick and gives great protection from the sun.  I still get a light tan using this but no red nose and cheeks!

New Soltan Once Kids 8 Hour Play SPF 50, leaves your children protected for up to 8 hours with the maximum 5-star UVA protection £15.99.

I love this stuff, ideal for when BG is playing in the garden all day or at preschool. I feel  at ease when she has this on, though I often reapply to the face which gets wiped a lot. It is really thick, so my advice to apply while your child has no clothes on and let it sink in before getting them dressed or you will end up with cream all over their clothes.

NewSoltan Protect & Tan SPF 15, an ultra-light texture suncare lotion which supports the skin’s natural tanning for a healthy, radiant glow without the damaging effects of sun burn. £12.99.

I only use factor 50 as I so pale but OH can wear lower so he tried this out for me. It went on really well and gave great protection. He tanned a little but nothing extreme, though we haven’t had a huge amount of sun. It’s a good sunscreen.

Boots currently have a buy one get one free offer on Soltan Sun protection and aftersun

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  1. I like Soltan too. I use the factor 50 hypoallergenic baby sun cream on my little one and the factor 30 'once' stuff on myself. I have loads of moles so am pretty cautious now.


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