Thursday, 9 August 2012

Review: Toucan Box

We were recently sent a Toucan Box to test and review.  It’s a monthly subscription for kids aged 3-7 years old. Every month, children will receive a box full of hands-on and educational activities, delivered straight to their door. A new oucan Box is released each month with a different theme.

Our theme was Birds and it came with 4 activities to do:

  • Peacock Collage
  • Bird Feeder
  • Bird Glider
  • Puffin Family

It came with everything we needed (apart from scissors) it also included a lovely book and extra colouring pages and step by step guide how to draw certain birds.

So far we have made the Peacock Collage and have started on the bird feeder. Unfortunately I have lost the photos of the collage and I have no idea what BG has done with the picture now (grrr). We had lots of fun making it, though I would say check the instructions first for any cutting out there was a lot to do and BG is only 3 and I don’t let her near scissors yet so she got a little bored waiting.

BG loved putting it all together and even better it involved glitter!  We have started on the bird feeder which again BG got a little bored with, too much fiddly gluing; she’s a bit too young for it.

We are looking forward to trying the other activities out.

The instructions are fantastic and the quality of material is good.

Toucan box costs £16.95 a month. 

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