Friday, 28 September 2012

DVD Review: Thomas The Tank Engine: The Mystery of Blue Mountain.

Dani and her daughter LS was invited along to Thomas Land to watch the new Thomas the Tank Engine Film, The Mystery of Blue Mountain. 

LS loved this film, she laughed and she cried but she really enjoyed it, I must admit I found I enjoyed this film slightly more then I should at my age so I couldn't tell you who enjoyed it more. I think its slightly longer then Thomas usually is so was pleasantly surprised that LS watch it all without complaints. it’s a very great film, simple stories so children of most ages can follow and enjoy independently. 

LS favourite part was towards the end she tells me when all the trains where happy and together, and from the fact that she screamed and cried at a part in the film when she thought Thomas was going to get hurt, I would say that that was her least favourite part. We also found ourselves being sprayed by water and jolted back in our seats at certain parts of the movie which was actually very funny, a lot of us unimpressed at the soaking but fun all the same. This really is a great family film, one that we intend to be watching for a while now, 

Thomas land and Drayton manor theme park truly is a great family destination, it has something for everyone, big scary rides for the older kids and parents as well as small ones for the smaller kids, it has a fabulous zoo for the less adventurous people and arcades and parks for the all the kids. It really has everything and LS and I enjoy it more and more every time we go.

The Mystery of Blue Mountain is available to buy now.

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