Monday, 8 March 2010

The Jugit

As you all should know by now I’m trying to lower the amount of rubbish I throw away and recycling is one way to do that. Now I’m a sucker for a gadget in the kitchen, so imagine my delight when last OH bought me home not only a new gadget but a way to reduce packaging and therefore less to throw away.

I present you the Jugit .......

I can see you looking blankly at the picture, it’s a new way to buy and store your milk and it require 75% less plastic then a standard 2 pint bottle and it sits nicely in your fridge door. 

With the Jugit you use bags of milk instead of bottles and a reusable jug. In pop the bag in the jug, which has a sharp spout that pierces the bag, and then you pour the milk from the top. The Jugit site can explain and show it better than me, just click here for full instructions.  

The bags are made from a low density plastic that is strong and fully recyclable. Let me just put the 75% less plastic in to perspective for you, here are some statistics from the Jugit site

About 130,000 tonnes of plastic are used in milk poly bottles every year
The weight saving by moving to our bags would equal 97,500 tonne soft plastic
That's equivalent to 2.43 BILLION bottles not required 
That’s the same as 3,750 full refuse trucks travelling to landfill sites! 
Think of the savings in landfill requirements, for more details click here 

I’m loving mine .......

There are some downsides they are only available in a 2 pint size which I know for larger families may not be practical and where in the fridge do you store the extra bags, though they can be frozen.
They are currently available in selected Sainsbury’s Stores, the Jugit costs £1.98, and the 2 pint bags cost 80p  which is 6p cheaper than a 2 pint bottle and they are on offer currently 2 for £1.50 

I defiantly think this a step in the right direction and will be using mine for now on.

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  1. Just bought one myself and Im loving it! Less waste and its really easy to use, even my kids can cleanly pour their own milk from it!


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