Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Big Bedroom Clearout

A few weeks back I wrote about my Great Bathroom Clearout, well I’ve now done my bedroom! Whoop whoop!

We did BG’s room just after Christmas and took all the clothes she outgrown and toys she doesn’t play with to my niece who is 8 months younger, which is really handy. However our room really needed sorting out, actually it was my wardrobe that really needed de-cluttering.

I forgot to take pre-clearout photos but trust me it wasn’t pretty. I had far too many clothes that I never wore, and to be honest wasn’t ever going to wear again even if it did fit me. So I pulled everything out and made two piles, one to keep and one to send to the charity shop, I was really ruthless and soon the pile for the charity shop was huge and the pile to keep tiny.  It felt so good to get rid of it and became easier and easier to add to the charity pile.

I filled 5 bags for the charity shop, plus a box of books.

My wardrobe is now slim lined and I can actually see what I have, no more routing through the piles to find something to wear.
 (No I don't fold very well, I don't iron either)
I promise to do this every 6 months, it feels fantastic!

I also found loads more toiletries so definitely won’t need to buy any for a while

I challenge you all to have a bedroom clearout; you’ll be surprised with what you don’t need anymore 


  1. I really need to have a wardrobe clearout!

  2. Do it, it feels great afterwards!

  3. I REALLY need to do this - I'm ashamed to say that I have THREE double wardrobes and a set of drawers, as well as boxes of clothes in the loft for rotation - I can't remember the last time I "rotated"!!! My husband has one wardrobe, oops!! OK I admit it, I'm a shopaholic and clothes hoarder. We have just sold our house and so I think I need to have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and garage clearout - WATCH THIS SPACE!!

  4. I love wardrobe clearouts and have scheduled a weekend at the end of the month to do mine and the kids, thanks for sharing.

  5. Mummymatters - Let me know how it goes!!

    b- I'm normally really bad and love to hoard but it was liberating to clearout

  6. I cleared up my bedroom last week (so you can now see ALL of the floor except where there's furniture) but have put off my wardrobe.

    You've inspired me to add this to my to do list for next week!

  7. It's such a good feeling to have a clear out isn't it! I desperately need one in my bedroom and I expect an awful lot of bin bags to be used.

    CJ xx


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