Friday, 21 May 2010

Review - Wilkinsons Baby Range

Wilkinson’s have launched a range of baby toiletries and products starting at the reasonable price of 77p!! What a bargain, but is it any good? Well I was sent some items to test and review.

Baby Wipes 80, 97P
These wipes though quite wet where just fine, they cleaned well and didn’t leave her bottom to wet. They didn’t irritate her or sting when she had nappy rash. They are heavily fragranced, but at that price I don’t care. They were quite thick and strong.

Baby Wash, 97p
The nanny wash is an extra mild formula, it smells quite pleasant. It’s quite a thin consistency but cleans well and didn’t dry BG’s skin too much. BG has eczema so we have to be extra careful with what we use on her.

Nursery Wipes, 72s, 77p
These are anti bacterial wipes, I liked these a lot. I normally use wet wipes to clean BG’s highchair tray and like the added bonus of them being anti bacterial. It’s a nice small pack that fits well in your bag to take with you when you out if you need them.

The Wilkinson’s range is a good budget range, they do they job they are intended to do. I would consider them in the future.

Wilkinson’s have new nappy launching soon, watch this space for my review!



  1. i think i will go and get the surface wipes good idea and cheap!


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