Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Review – Oh Baby London

I am a huge fan of Oh Baby London clothing, BG now has several pieces from the range not only are they funky and different that are so durable, BG has been wearing her super funky Oh Baby Dresses for at least 6 month and she still fits in them. They are perfect as dressed with some funky tights or over leggings and jeans as a top.

These are my favourite pictures of BG in one of her outfits.

Oh Baby London is an independent baby clothing brand based in Brick Lane, London, and sold all across the world from Europe to New York to Tokyo.

All of their designs are 100% original, created in their Brick Lane studio by people who love what they do.

So you can imagine my delight when they asked if we want to review an outfit for them. They sent us this fabby Leopard Print Bubble Dress £25 and if you want your child to stand out them this is the dress for you.

I do like to clash BG’s clothes so here she is in her dress with stripped top and hot pink leggings I think she pulls it off.

You’re in luck this great dress is on sale at the moment, so grab yourself a bargain who won’t be disappointed. These clothes are so well made, they come up a dream after washing and I find they don’t really need ironing.

Would I buy it? You already know the answer to that, yes.

I just need to decide what outfit I want for BG next!



  1. Lovely little dress. Those top 2 pictures are too scrummy! Mich x

  2. aw so cute!!! you have to try these cute baby leggings for your little princess https://sites.google.com/site/sockoes/pants-leggings-baby-leg-warmers www.sockoes.com


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