Thursday, 12 August 2010

Toy Review - Brio Ant from Hello Baby

You can’t beat wooden toys; they look so much nicer than plastic toys and generally last longer. BG was recently sent a Brio Ant with Egg Pull along toy, from Hello Baby Direct.

Hello Baby is an online nursery shop based in sunny Bethnal Green, East London , UK. They sell a large range of baby products including toys, nursery furniture and pushchairs.

Brio is one of the ranges that they stock, if you haven’t heard of Brio before they are based in Sweden, Brio is the world's largest manufacturer of wooden toys. You can normally tell it’s a Brio from its colour as they are generally painted bright and are highly polished, to me they scream well made.

BG loved the ant, she loved pulling it a along and was fascinated by the egg on the back that twirls around when it’s pulled. It’s incredibly well made and looks fantastic, it is one of BG’s favourite toys at the moment, though she does get a bit carried away and swings it around, that’s when it gets put away.

The Ant costs £12.99 which I don’t think is a bad price for a wooden toy, it will last forever (well almost)

Hello Baby have a good selection on Brio toys, I have my eye on the train set for BG’s birthday. Why not pop over and take a look at their site.

Would I buy it? Yes it’s a great toy from a great manufacturer, this site has been bookmarked!

NM X  

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