Thursday, 9 September 2010

Review – Socket Protector by Clippasafe

I don’t know about your child  by BG is obsessed by plugs, there is nothing she likes better then to flick the switch on and off, we have plug covers but to be honest I still worry that she will hurt herself. I also have the problem that sometimes I really need to use a socket while she is awake and some are not easy to hide.

That plug is just above the sofa and there are times I have to use the socket to get things done, I often have to hoover with one hand and keep BG away from it with the other. Thankfully Clippasafe sent me this Socket Protector to review!

Clippasafe is family run business that has been trading for over 50 years.

It’s a great product, it covers the socket but allows you to have plugs in and keep it switched on if necessary no worrying about little hands getting in there. So far BG has not been able to open it, so a big thumbs up for that.

OH installed it, and he did it in a few minutes, you do have to loosen the front plate of the socket to install it so make sure you turn of the switches first! So this is how it looks on our socket.

It’s easy to open just push in two little buttons, one on either side and to close just shut and it snaps into place.

The Pocket Protector £4.99 and can be purchased online on the Clippasafe site. While your there I highly recommend having a look at their whole range.

Would I buy it? Yes it’s a great safety product


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