Monday, 6 September 2010

Review – E.L.F Makeup

Pre BG I used to wear quite a bit of makeup and could spend quite a lot of money on it. Now I’m on tight budget money wise and time wise I need products that are quick and easy to use and don’t cost the world.

Say hello to E.L.F, which stands for Eyes, Lips and Face they have a range of products that can be used on you guessed it your eyes, lips and face but at a small price. They sent me a selection of products to try, I told them my skin type (oily) and my skin tone (fair) and this is what they sent me.

The all over cover stick can be used as an all over foundation or a concealer. I used it as a concealer as I don’t like anything to heavy on my skin. It when on really well and covered up the bags under my eyes and my spots. It wasn’t to greasy and I like it being in the stick form its easy to use, yiu can just dab it on or use your fingers, It blends really well.

This has to be my favourite product I tested, I’m really pale and I find most foundations just make me look orange and I find them heavy and greasy. This was really light and non-greasy. It goes on really well, blends nicely so you don’t get a tide mark and gives a really coverage. You could see the difference in my skin it looked nice and even. It is small tube but you don’t need much.

I had mixed results with this powder; I found it was better to apply with a brush rather than the applicator that it came with. It had a nice coverage and stopped the shine on my face, however it didn’t last long you have to keep applying.

I have to say this was the most disappointing product of the lot. The mascara didn’t give me the definition that I like with mascara and I found that both ends came off quite quickly even though one end is waterproof.

Really nice eyeliner went on smoothly and looked nice. I love that it comes with its own sharpener.

The all over colour stick can be used on your eyes, cheeks and lips. It’s a really nice colour on me, its looks fab on my cheeks and on my lips with a bit of Vaseline or gloss over the top. It goes on really smoothly and blends in well. I’m not a great lover of cream eye shadow as I find it sinks into the creases of your eyes and forms an unflattering line and this did the same. As a lip and cheek colour I loved it. It fits into your bag if you need to add a bit of colour when you have that rare day out without the kids.

Overall I like this range, and the price is absolutely fantastic. I can have quite sensitive skin and none of these products irritated my skin at all or brought me out in spots.  Great products to have in yur bag or take on holiday and they are the right size for your hand luggage. I think they would make great stocking fillers for Christmas; you can get a lot for your money.

Would I buy? Yes some of the products. 


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