Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Review – Leapfrog Goodnight Scout & Counting Choo-Choo

We are Leapfrog fans in the New Mummy household; we own a number of their toys including a My Pal Violet which BG was bought for her birthday last year. She really enjoys playing with it and still plays with it now and one day I will connect it to the internet and personalised it (whoops bad mummy)

We were sent two new products to test and review, My First Book Goodnight Scout which is a part of the Pal range and Musical Movers Counting Choo- Choo and this is what we thought.

This book is not only a story book, but also plays lullabies and can be used a nightlight. As soon as you turn the page the story starts and then you press the button at the top to hear the start develop before moving on the next page. The book takes you through Scouts bedtime routine.

It book BG a little while to get to grips with this book, she wanted to turn the pages all the time and didn’t understand to start with that to get the next part of the story you had to press the button. Once she got used to it, she loved to press the button for the next part of the story and gets involved. We use it as part of our bedtime routine along with her other story books.

It’s a great book, ideal for getting your child used to a bedtime routine.

 It’s nice and sturdy; BG has thrown it around a bit.

Would I buy it? Yes, you get quite a bit for your money.

BG is a huge train fan so this was the toy for her. You press the Froggy train driver and he sings the counting song for you plus says two other sentences. It’s a cute toy and only slightly annoying, you can switch it to low. BG really likes this and pushes it along the floor with her other trains and cars.

Would I Buy it? Yes, nice toy at a great price.

Leapfrog have a great selection of toys for Infants, Pre-School and older children. I’ve got my eye on a Tag Junior for BG’s birthday.


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