Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Review - Very

When Very said here is £50 to spend on what you want on our site, I thought “that’s my MAD awards outfit organised”

I bet your thinking “what can you get for £50?” well quite a lot actually. It took me ages to decide, I went back and forwards between a dress or trousers and a top but finally decided on this..

I'm on the right

Yes, that’s me and Vic’s in the same top!! Great mind think alike, I think we both look fab.
I wore Savoir Petite Wide Leg Trousers £20. The fitted really well, I often struggle with trousers being both fat and short but these were lovely. They are elasticised at the back so fit over my belly and bum well.  

The gorgeous top we both chose, was this So Fabulous, Crochet Trim Top, £22. It was really comfy to wear, fitted well and the colour is fabulous. This top will get worn a lot; it’s my new special top!

So they came to £42, I could leave BG out so I got her this Timmy Time car for £5, which still brought me in £3 under budget!

I almost went with a dress, they have selection of  Women's Dresses. If I had gone for a dress I think it would have been this Teatro Circle Embellished Dress £49, I love the colour.

There is a great selection on Women’s, Men’s and Children’s clothing available, plus much, much more.

Would I buy from Very? Yes I would 


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