Saturday, 29 January 2011

Parent Panel Review - Slippers from Clifford James

Price: £29.99

Available from: Clifford James

Description:  Churchill Mule Suede Slippers are handmade from only the very finest of Nappa leathers. Beautifully soft with a hard wearing sole, your feet will thank you for choosing a pair of these slippers. 

Initial Reaction: When first taking them out of the box the slippers looked very good and came with a soft bag for each slipper! I'm not completely sure why you need a separate bag for each one but a nice touch.

  • Soft leather 
  • Well padded

  •  Hard sole

Value for money? 4 out of 5

Overall Reaction: Very comfortable and well padded slipper. Hard sole makes a 'clip-clop' noise when walking on wooden floor or outside which my daughter thinks is a horse!

by New Daddy

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