Sunday, 13 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Arnicare Kids Stick

Product:  Nelsons Arnicare Kids Stick “Children will love Arnicare arnica kids stick. Lightly tinted green and specially formulated for children's delicate skin, it’s fun, pocket sized and easy to use. No mess and no fuss.”
Price: £5.35 for 7g 
Available from: Nelsons Natural World  and all major retailers
Suitable from: Birth, I think.
Initial Reaction:  Great, handy, pocket-sized product.
Pros: It’s a handy little stick or arnica to help heal the minor cuts and bruises of a growing toddler.  Just unscrew the top, apply(combined with kisses and cuddles), easy peasy, no mess or gloopy creams.  The cute stick is a bit of a distraction from the immediate crisis, because it’s the right size for his little hands to hold.
Cons:  I expected the product to make fun green stripes on his skin but it went on clear.  This is not really an issue at all.
Value for money? Definitely
Overall Reaction: I’m still not 100% convinced that homeopathic medicine works but it can’t hurt, and the cocoa and shea butter helps give some protection to the sore area. 

by Catherine

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