Thursday, 10 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - The Babysense Secret by Megan Faure

Product: The Babysense Secret – Megan Faure                                                                
Price:     £12.99                                                  
Available from: Dorling Kindersley, Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith,    
Suitable from: Covers  “from the womb” up to 12 months    

AboutThe Babysense Secret is the best-selling method of baby care developed by Megan Faure, occupational therapist and childcare expert. Based on sound neuro-science, it is an accessible baby-centric routine that is also kind to parents, and approaches a baby’s care from a unique sensory perspective
Initial Reaction: My initial reaction from the front cover of the book was that it was about sleeping.

Pros:Babysense teaches you to read your baby’s signals and body language. The book is split into sections for every stage of your baby’s development. It also covers how Mother’s feel and how having a baby affects you.  Each page is divided into boxes with different headings, which makes it easy to pick out certain things, rather than reading that entire page.

Cons: Some of the routines are quite structured.
Value for money I think this book is excellent value for money as it covers such a wide variety of your baby’s development.                               

Overall Reaction  I love reading and especially love baby books, so I was delighted to be given the chance to review this book.  It’s full of really good advice and also has lots of pictures of cute babies (a bonus).

Even though I’ve already had 2 children, they are much older than my baby and the advice has changed drastically since then, so this book helped a lot.

I’m currently on the 6-9 months section and was very interested in the sleep advice. I discovered that Brandon had become dependent on me for soothing himself to sleep. The book gives advice on how to teach your baby to self-soothe. We had started following the advice given in the book, but unfortunately he started teething and we seem to have gone back to square one.  

Overall I think this is a lovely book.  It’s full of advice for all stages of your baby’s development and covers far more than sleep, which I originally thought it was about. It “guides parents in understanding their baby’s language, allowing them to identify and interpret signs of stress in their child”

A definite must-have for new Mother’s and not so new Mother’s like me.

By Sarah 


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