Thursday, 10 March 2011

Parent Panel Review - Junior Brain Training Maths Edition

Product: Junior Brain Training Maths Edition        
Price: £14.79
Available from: Amazon , Play 
Suitable from:  7 to 11, although Maxi who is 5 loves it

Initial Reaction: My boys both love console games and couldn’t wait to try the Brain Training Maths Edition.  I wasn’t concerned about it being for 7 year olds when Maxi is only 5 as he is very advanced in maths.

Pros: I think that there is a time and place for handheld consoled and so prefer when the games have an educational aspect to them and the fact that you move forward when you get things right really appealed to my competitive boys.

Cons:  None

Value for money?  I think at less than £15 this is superb value for money.  It does get a lot of use and it will also come in when Mini gets a little older.

Overall Reaction.  I have come to accept that electronics will be part of my childrens lives, so as long as I can control what they play, that is fine for me.  I love that this has an educational slant to it.  Plus my boys love numbers and they think that this is great.
By Jen 


  1. This looks great. I'm definitely getting this for my oldest Christmas. I'll wait until he starts school x

  2. This looks great. I think Rosemary would really enjoy it. She enjoys a few of the brain training games on my one, already.


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