Friday, 24 August 2012

Back To School Review – My Name Tags

It’s not long until the children are back at school, how many of you still have name tags to add to the uniform? Well I have a great product for you.

My Name Tags make personalised iron on name tags and stickers for all your labelling needs.
We were asked if we wanted to test some out and as BG is at pre-school and needs her labelling I said yes please.

BG and I designed our own labels and stickers, it’s really simple to do and you can choose your back ground colour, text colour and add an image. These are super cool tags.

These are my stickers:

I love them and have stuck them all over the place (sorry)

BG choose pink and has a sun on hers, I can’t show you as I don’t use her real name on line but they look great and stand out.

The names tags where really easy to iron on to her clothes and are still there after a few washes. I use the stickers on her drinks bottles and lunch box and they are not going anywhere.

I would highly recommend My Name Tags.

Nametags (£ 9.95/set)

75 iron-ons and 75 stickers or
180 stickers or
120 iron-ons

Colour Labels (£ 9.95/set)

56 iron-ons or
56 stickers

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